About Us

Creating unique fashions for the eccentric since 2001

Gothique Rose Apparel is a small family based business. Our fashions have only been available to the public since April of 2001, but our family has been sewing for generations. Our products are not bulk produced, but are made at the time of order. This may mean it will take a little longer to receive your order, but it also means a better quality product.

We have now been in business for 21 years and offer hundreds of products. We also offer numerous items through our t-shirt shops. Because of this, it sometimes takes us a while longer to update everything than it used to, but we are still here.

When everything is running smoothly, items can usually ship within one to two weeks, but we always ask that you allow a minimum of 8 weeks for delivery. We have also started including lead times on items to let you know how long it takes us to produce your item once your payment clears.

Visit our Events Calendar to view our deadline and closing dates.

Must e-mail and inform me that it is needed for the occassion or it will be produced in order and may not arrive on time.

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